Welcome to The Akoma Tour 2025

Join us on a 10-day Sankofa (return Home) to the beautiful Western African Countries of Senegal & Gambia

We invite you to come and experience a spiritual, cultural and philanthropic connection with the Motherland in Senegal and Gambia, West Africa.  Like yourself, we were once craving a true connection with the Motherland.  We felt distant and disconnected until we began to sojourn and travel home.  Now, the desire has become a reality and it is our life purpose to share this reality with you.

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march 7 –
march 17, 2025

Healing the Diaspora with a 10-day Cultural, Spiritual and Philanthropic Tour

We invite you to join us on a 10-day Sankofa (return Home) to the beautiful Western African Countries of Senegal & Gambia. For over 400 years Africans in the Diaspora (A diaspora is a scattered population whose origin lies in a separate geographic locale) have been spread throughout the western hemisphere by way of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Not by choice, but by force, enslaved Africans were ripped from their homeland, their language, their cultural traditions and their spiritual practices.

Now, we are here as descendants and the surviving generation of these strong and powerful people. Many of us have been craving a true connection to the Motherland. We have yearned to be reminded of who we are and where we come from. Yearn no more! The spirit of our Ancestors is calling you!

March 2025 Akoma Healing Tour


March 7 – March 17, 2025

The spirit of our Ancestors is calling you!  Come and join us in 10 days of a spiritual and cultural experience as we tour Senegal & Gambia West Africa.





WE’ve Got You Covered


Spend time making a reconnection with the Motherland


Give yourself permission to reclaim your identity as an African


Return and teach your fellow brothers and sisters in the Diaspora about the beauty of Africa

Payment Methods

The Akoma Healing Arts Tour Team will accept a variety of payment methods including Check, Money Order, Zelle, Bank Transfer, Bank Deposit and Cashapp (fees may apply depending on payment option)

Make check or money order payable to: Akoma Healing Arts Collective, Inc.

Note: We are open to discuss other payment options not listed here.  Please contact us via telephone or email akomahealingarts@gmail.com or Call 954-822-3240 | 754-244-0991



Monthly Payment Plan:

June 2024 – $550 Deposit
July 2024 – $550
August 2024 – $550
September 2024 – $550
October 2024 – $550
November 2024 – $550
December 2024 – $550
January 2024 – $550

February 2024 – $550



Tour cost: USD $4,950.00

Includes Land Packages Only

Tour Includes:

  • Ground Transportation & Tours throughout 2 Countries – Senegal & Gambia

  • Healing sessions and Cultural Experiences

  • Daily Continental Breakfast & Buffet Dinner

  •  Hotel Accommodations Double Occupancy

  •  Business Networking opportunities

  •  Entrance and Access to all Sites & Activities

  •  English & Native Speaking Tour Guides

Not Included



We understand and appreciate your financial commitment in joining The Akoma Healing Arts Tour.  For this reason, we’ve organized a payment plan to support you in preparing financially.  We invite you to secure your travel with us by paying a $550 deposit As Soon As Possible.  Reservations are confirmed only upon receipt and clearance of your deposit.


Exclusive Offer

Special Discounts For Groups

We welcome you aboard Akoma Healing Tour. 
From our hearts to yours, we say, “Medase”, meaning Thank You. 
Thank you for your time, your spirit and your trust.