Akwaaba! Welcome to the Akoma Healing Arts Collective, Inc.
1 year ago, we dared to do the impossible. We traveled to Africa! Ghana, Benin and Togo to be exact. You must be wondering what was so impossible about this, right? Well, believe it or not, as working parents, we just thought that making the connection with the continent would have been a financial burden on our family. And then, we were inspired to create a vision board. We decided to believe in our dream to journey into the land of our Ancestors, TOGETHER. We began to fully understand that, if we were truly connected to our Ancestors, they would do everything to make this journey possible for us. We cut out pictures of Ghana’s Black Star Square, Ethiopia, Egypt and many other destinations on the Continent. 5 years fast forward from creating our vision board and it was all becoming a reality. We were on a flight to Amsterdam connecting us to Katoka Airport Ghana. It was all a dream come true!

Let us introduce ourselves! Damon and Keachia, parents to 4 beautiful children and Pan-Africanists who always knew that Africa would one day become our home. We grew up understanding that the only way to true freedom, as people of color in the Diaspora, was repatriation. Somehow, although we understood this clearly, we had become tied to the everyday hustle of work, dinner, homework and start all over again the next day. We became committed to the rat race. We were connected to capitalism. Until a life changing event reminded us that we only have 1 life to live. Keachia’s father passed away (Aya Bowers lives). And the transformation began. Our commitment to self became a priority. Change was sure. Africa manifested as soon as you could say “love and light”. So, we are now on the journey. The journey to our own truth. What this looks like, we are not really sure. But the possibilities are endless. We’ve since returned to Ghana and we have decided to share the opportunities that have been presented to us, with each of you.

The Akoma Healing Tour is the child of our travels. We’ve decided to offer the same Sankofa (return and fetch it) journey to our family, friends and global community. This website and blog will capture our tour to Ghana and share with our visitors insight on how to sojourn, acquire a visa, get the correct immunizations, learn the language and culture and so much more. We will share what life is like parenting and traveling as a family. We will share about the food. We’ll share about the culture. We invite you to visit us regularly to stay up-to-date. More importantly, we ask that you follow our Social Media Handles @akomahealingarts on IG and Facebook.

We promise to be transparent, honest and real every step of the way! We come to you with love.

Meda Ase (Thank You0
Keachia & Damon
(or as we were named in Ghana)
Adjwoa & Kweku