Founders of the Akoma Tour, Adjoa & Kweku & Daughter, Tsahai

Akwaaba!!!! We trust this blog post finds you in optimum health. It’s been a long time! The truth is that our time in quarantine has helped us to return to blogging. We are here with time on our hands and the goal is to keep in touch with our readers more. There’s so much that’s happened over the past year, we’ve decided to return to the blog with a highlight of our Akoma Tour 2019, in honor of the Year of Return.

Below, you’ll find some of our favorite shots. We have to say, “Medaase” to our tour photographer, supporter and traveler, Mama Akosua (Penny). There were so many pics (all 3,000 of them) that we didn’t have enough space to share them all. If you’ve traveled to Ghana before, you know that there is never a dull moment. Every waking experience is full of color, vibrance, life and high energy. The chosen photos here will bring you to the footsteps of our tour. From the orphanage, to the Aburi Botanical Gardens…throughout Accra, Kumasi and Cape Coast, Ghana gave us all life. Enjoy!

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Our time at the Trinity Home Foundation was well spent. In collaboration with Ghanaian artist, Ibrahim Botchway and our tour traveler, Alana DaCosta of Kr8tive Uprising, inc., and the children of the community, we designed a Year of Return mural in the exterior of the classroom on the orphanage grounds. We played games and handed out donations and contributions to the orphanage. It was the best way to kick off the tour.

“It takes a village to raise a child”

-African Proverb

Artist Ibrahim Botchway painting the Sankofa Bird

Seestah IMAHKUS and the One Africa family in Cape Coast showed us a wonderful time. Music, good food and positive vibrations, our late night talks about repatriation and living in Ghana made the nights worthwhile.

The Mpese Royal Family of Sowutuom gave us the royal treatment. Here we are seen with the children of their community school. We’ve adopted all of the orphanages and schools visited by our tour. Philanthropy is important to our Akoma Family!

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum
The Kente Weaving Village in Kumasi
Yaa Asantewaa, keeper of the Golden Stool who protected it from the British has a strong statue that stands in Kumasi
The Slave Dungeons of Cape Coast & Elmina brought us all to tears
Mama Akosua (Penny) expressing her love for Mama Africa at the shores of One Africa Resort